Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Day

Today is the last day I will spend in my 30's. I went to the barn, but it was too hot to ride. Still I hung out for awhile. I then went to a nursery looking for my Heuchera Dolce Peach Melba-with no luck. I found some heucheras, but not the variety I need. I got a mango freeze at Taco Bell-pretty good- then came home. When I checked my mailbox there was only one birthday card, but then my blood ran cold (hard to do when it's over 90 degrees, but it did). There was a letter from the IRS. They found something goofy on my 2006 tax return and say I owe money-I'll get a bill in 4-8 weeks. I found all the numbers they were talking about, but I don't know if I made the error, or not. It's all to do with withholding and real estate taxes. I'll copy everything and mail it out to them-and then we'll see. Just what I needed before my birthday!


Team Scby-Do said...

What a crummy birthday gift. Thank you Unlce Sam.

Katreader said...

I've been avoiding dealing with the situation...I have to deal with it soon. Sigh.