Monday, March 2, 2009

Road to the Roses Update

I'm improving on my Road to the Roses. I'm now ranked 2,379 with a total of 32 points. I had 3 horses running this past weekend. Unfortunately, Captain Candyman Can couldn't. He finished just out of the money in 4th-so I got no points for him. Beethoven came in 3rd in that same race-so I got 3 points. Fortunately my star grapefruit brought home the money in a different race. The Pamplemousse won The Sham with Alex Solis so I got 8 points for the horse PLUS 5 as Alex is one of my jockeys! So, out of 5 horses that have run so far in the qualifying races 3 have won, 1 showed and one was out of luck! Not bad.

Don't forget to vote for Josef every day! He's the one in the lilacs. Thanks!

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