Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Competitive Urge

The competitive urge has struck. Normally, I'm fairly laid back and though it would be nice to win things, it's not that important. At least I feel that way until the competitive urge strikes. Then, Katie, bar the doors, I'm going all out and I'd better win! The urge struck at the Zoo's silent auction when I fought for Anna's painting-and won. It's struck again. This time with a rat photo contest. Normally, I hate asking people for help. I really do. I like to be completely independent and not have to rely or depend on anyone else. However, to win now-I need your help. VOTE FOR JOSEF! That link will take you straight to The Agile Rat's Photo Contest page. Scroll down and you can see the contestants. Josef is the Russian Blue Dumbo in the white lilacs. I posted his picture on this blog on March first. He's still in the lead, but it's dwindling and there's a long way to go. You, every IP address, can vote every 24 hours for all of March. This morning I had my doctor's appointment-and I asked him to vote. I also asked the receptionist on the way out. I'm asking everyone-please vote and spread the word to friends, family, neighbors, everyone. See someone you'd like to meet and need an excuse to talk to him or her? Go up and ask him/her to vote for your friend's pet rat. That'll get a conversation going. Thanks and I really do appreciate your help.

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