Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was just not meant to enjoy my lunch today. I was waiting for the UPS man as I had to sign for the delivery of the rat's medication, which also needs refrigeration. I fixed lunch-chicken and salsa over rice. I was just salting my plate ready to eat when I saw the UPS guy. I got the meds, put them in the fridge and then brought my lunch to the table to eat. I had just taken a few bites when the phone rang. I went to answer it, watching Barrett, who usually follows me, and telling him to leave my lunch alone. I answered the phone, heard Barrett, ran back to find he had jumped on the couch and had his face full in my plate gobbling as much as he could, as fast as he could. With the phone still in my hand, I yelled at him, grabbed the plate, and yelled into the phone "WHAT?????" It was my heating company calling to schedule my tune up. We did that and I sat back down, attempting to eat some more, when the phone rang again. This time I took my plate with me as Barrett was rushing for the TV table again. This time it was my mom. I told her I'd call her back, then finished what was left of my meal. Mind you, hardly anyone ever calls here. I guess my lunch was just not meant to be!
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