Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maple Weekend

Did you know that New York State is the 3rd largest producer of maple syrup in the world?! It's true. Vermont is the only state that produces more than NY. Canada is #1 in the world. To celebrate NY offers Maple Weekend. It has become so popular that it now goes on for two weekends. Sugar Shacks around the state have open houses and show people how they make the syrup. You don't see many buckets nowadays. Instead you'll see plastic piping winding its way though maple forests. The farmers drill a hole in the maple tree to tap it and the syrup will run through the piping to holding tanks. The farm I went to today has been there for generations and people have been tapping syrup here even longer. This tree is about 200 years old! It was a great day, although quite cold. After seeing the sugar shack, where they make syrup from the sap, I went on a wagon ride to the maple trees. It was a muddy, bumpy ride, but fun. Afterward I said hello to some young Arabian horses (Sugar Hill Farm is adjacent to the Maple Farm) then bought some maple syrup. Yummm.
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