Monday, March 30, 2009

Flat Stanley Going Home

This afternoon I sent Flat Stanley, along with a long letter and several treats, back to Austin, Texas. I enjoyed showing him around the area, and it again reminded me of all the things to see and do in Western New York. Aside from Zoos and museums, there are lots of historical sights to see as well. You can see architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright, garden design by Frederick Law Olmsted, final resting places of Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglas, William McKinley and many other notables. You can find the site of a presidential assassination and inauguration. There are vineyards and wineries, orchards and more. Niagara Falls, the underground railroad, and more. You can go through the Alabama Swamps, stop by Greece, Egypt, Rome, and even a garden in Eden and still be in Western New York. Come for a visit and I know you'll come back.
Vote for Josef-he's in the white lilacs.

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