Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Pharmaceutical Rip-Off of America

The pharmaceutical companies are so ridiculous, it is unbelievable. I saw a headline about how companies are saying most of their problems come from providing health care for their employees. Most of that I feel is the unbelievable cost of prescriptions. I'm in the midst of transferring my prescriptions from one pharmacy to another. I went today to pick up one refill ($25 for a one month supply) and another-the first from this pharmacy for Imitrex-a migraine medication. The pharmacist got pulled them and said, "this one is $25 and the Imitrex is $218.67...wait a minute". Wait a minute is right. Over $218 for 18 pills? It seems there is now a generic version of Imitrex...if you want the real thing you have to pay over $218-that's with a prescription plan. Without insurance-over $500 for 18 pills. He cancelled my order and gave me the generic for $10. It's enough to give you a headache!
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