Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Boy

When I got to the barn this afternoon I saw Harley out in the pasture. Of course he was in the farthest corner. I put my stuff up, grabbed the lead rope and went into the barnyard. I called for him and Jeter, who had been standing next to him, came running to me. Harley then actually began slowly walking my way. I met him about half way and put the lead rope on and we walked to the barn. I had to shoo Liam away-he wanted to come in too. Actually all the boys came into the barnyard, but Liam was the only one trying to come inside. I cleaned up my boy and then we went into the indoor. I let him off the lead rope and he slowly walked away. He sniffed some poop, then I made him work. I got the lunge whip and had him trot. He did pretty well. He wasn't on a lunge line-he was just free and he maintained the trot pretty well. He also listened to whoa quite well. I few times he didn't want to listen and just ignored me, but I finally got him to trot by jogging a few steps next to him. After a while, I decided we'd walk together. We were at the far end of the arena and I started walking to get the lead rope, but Harley began following me. Who needs a lead rope? We walked together for about 5 minutes, and we weren't just walking the perimeter-we did figure 8s and circles and he walked right along side of me. He was so good. Then I made him trot a bit more on his own before calling it a day. He's so good. I'm going to learn how to use the lunge line on Monday, so even though I can't ride him yet, he can have a good work session.
Don't forget-vote for Josef! He's the rat in the white lilacs.

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