Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taking Turns

The cats sleep on my bed with me. Seneca got in the habit of sleeping on my pillow, above my head. I didn't like this arrangement as she'd often pull my hair while changing positions or try to take the whole pillow. I'd wake up with only an inch of pillow. No deal, cat! I got another human pillow and put that lengthwise next to my pillow. Generally, Aleister will sleep next to me on the left side and Seneca will sleep on the pillow on the right with Calumet at the foot of the bed. However, Seneca and Calumet seem to take turns with the pillow. Seneca slept there last night and Callie did the night before. Sometimes Aleister will sleep there too. Generally they are nice about sharing and taking turns. One night, however, Callie was on the pillow and Seneca came on the bed and looked at her, as if telling her, "get out of my spot". Callie got up and seemed like she was getting off, then got this look on her face like, "Wait a minute. Why should I?" and she reached out, smacked Seneca and lay back down. Seneca went to the foot of the bed.

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