Sunday, November 16, 2008

Must Have More!

Do you know why stampers have a million stamps and yet always want more? It's because we get these scathingly brilliant ideas, yet, as we go through our multitude of stamps we just can't find what we need! I'm in that state now, I'm trying to design my two pages for my first two recipes (as well as my divider for the section) for the recipe swap. I'm flummoxed. The category is appetizers. My first recipe is a ham roll up with cream cheese and pickle and my second (I think) is a bacon quiche cup. Now I know I won't find a ham roll up or a quiche cup rubber stamp. Maybe some pigs and a pickle? Actually, I just thought of a concept for the roll ups. It's kind of a pinwheel, so circles might work. Hmmmm. The design doesn't have to be food related, but I'd kind of like it to be. Maybe a pinwheel or circle paper with pickle brads? Do they make pickle brads? As for the bacon quiche perhaps a pig in a beret? I have a top hat stamp, but I don't have a beret...I don't think, I do have some unmounted ladies hats, I'll have to check. I do have lots of fruit stamps, tons of beverages, some veggies and herbs. Hmmm, my stamp collection may have to inspire my recipes and not vice versa.

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