Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Winter has arrived! I woke up this morning to snow...lots of snow...including snow covered streets. Fortunately, the roads cleared by the time I left for my lesson and they remained clear while I ran errands. Works for me, as long as the roads are fine it can snow all it wants! I had a great lesson. I thought Harley would really be up (horses tend to get quite frisky in brisk weather) but I could barely get him going. I even had to use the crop! I heard he and his buddies were running around the pasture like maniacs yesterday. I guess he's still tuckered out! But he was listening and I did pretty well. We cantered some very nice circles. I forgot to bring the carrots I got for him, but he got some of the butterscotch treats I keep there. The folks are planning on coming up tomorrow-as long as the roads are fine. I'll wait til the morning, but I guess I'll have to shovel the walk. Yes, winter is here.

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