Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's that time of year. More and more catalogs are delivered to my mailbox. Not that I'm complaining. I LOVE looking through catalogs. Oftentimes I order from them too, but even if I don't, I enjoy seeing what's out there. Believe me, I get some unique ones-I got one about mushrooms!

One of my favorite catalogs came today, What On Earth. They have neat international things as well as classic stuff. I saw a whole page of goodies from the Christmas special, The Year Without A Santa Claus. You know, the one with Snow Miser and Heat Miser. I love those guys. Of course, the tune is now running through my head. In addition to bobble heads and t-shirts of the stepbrothers they had some figure sets. Looking at the picture there were 6 main characters, plus heat and snow minions and other extras. Cute, until I saw the price $59.95. Ouch. Then I saw "per set". Sure enough the group was actually divided in half-so if you wanted everyone (and of course, you need everyone) it would be $120!!! When did toys get so expensive...I guess when they became collectibles!

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Anonymous said...

As a toy collector, I can tell you toys got expensive as soon as the makers realized that us 40 year-olds want nothing more than to relive our youths and are willing to pay thru the nose for that oppurtunity...