Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow Globe

I feel as if I'm in a snow globe. The snow is lightly falling outside. So far I'm staying in. I need to put the rest of the Christmas lights on outside. I should go ride Harley...or at least get groceries. I did a little work on an altered book project...and I need to make a decision about my ATC design. First, however, I'm going to fix lunch and watch I Love Lucy. I love being on vacation!


Bill Denbro said...

We have some snow here too (Ft Wayne, IN). My cat would not even venture onto the balcony to explore, which ordinarily she loves to do. I do like watching the snow, it's relaxing.

Steph said...

No snow here, but at least the temp has cooled down. We can finally turn off the air conditioner. Woo hoo!!