Thursday, November 6, 2008

Flu Shot

I did it. I got the flu shot yesterday. This is the first year I've gotten one. I've always been kind of against it, but I've been so sick this year. Combine that with working where I do, the fact that I could get it for free while on duty. So I went with a coworker and did it. It didn't hurt. My coworker has a sore arm and I'm a bit dizzy, but who knows if it's all psychosomatic. At any rate, I'd better not get sick any more this year!


Steph said...

This was my first year to get one too and also did it because of being sick so much this year. My arm was only sore for a few days and then was fine.

Bill Denbro said...

I usually get one, but skipping this year. I'm not feeling as energetic as usual, and don't want to risk spiralling down into getting sick.