Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints Day

I am tired this All Saints Day. I woke up early to go to a garage sale at my local paper crafting store. These women can be vicious. It was a grab and run and slither in between trying to get the best deals on things people didn't want anymore. I got some great rubber stamps and embellishments. I haven't had time to sort through my loot yet. The folks were already at my house when I returned home. We did a lot of "finish up yard work", prepping for winter. They helped me put up the storm windows. Dad mowed for the last time this year. Mom and I did some raking and pruning. Then Mom and I drove Barrett to a park for a nice walk. Barrett even managed a large obstacle-which I'll write about later. After warming back up a bit at home, we went for lunch. Now I'm just checking things out online and then time for a nap. I'm practically falling asleep as it is. (Thus the delay in writing about Barrett's walk.) I'll choose a saint to think about for this holiday. Do you have a favorite saint?

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