Monday, May 17, 2010

Trail Ride

I went on a trail ride with Harley today. I met up with another boarder at the barn-so we rode together. Harley started off being a bit of a brat as I was getting him ready. He was probably a bit miffed that the girls were out in the pasture. I got him saddled up and we went into the indoor arena. Melissa was already riding Jenny. Well, Harley set out to impress-he picked up a great trot. We worked a bit, then Melissa and I decided to go on a trail ride. She left first, but stopped right near the door to wait for us. Well, Harley treated the door as if it was a starting gate and shot right out trying to canter. I pulled him up and we stopped. He was very good after that. We led the way and he was a very good boy. Jenny was also well behaved. After a bit, he had enough-and so did I, so we started back. He got a bit bratty on the return-bobbing his head, but he wasn't bad, especially for our first ride outside. We went back to the indoor and we both cantered briefly. We actually rode for close to an hour! I gave him a shower and some sugar cubes. All in all a good, solid ride.

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