Monday, May 3, 2010

Stupid Hospital

Stupid hospital. As you know Dad had to go back to the hospital last Monday. They tapped his lungs and did some other stuff and he's greatly improved. In fact, they told him he could go home Friday...but they couldn't arrange for the visiting nurse in time, so he'd have to stay the weekend and be discharged Monday, today. Fine. Mom asked me to come and wait at the house to be there in case they needed help. This morning she called-the hospital people hadn't said anything more, but she was going down there and I drove into town. We saw on the wall that discharge is around 11AM, but we know it can be later. I left my house around 10:35 AM, did some stuff and got really on the road at 10:45. I waited and waited at their house. Mom called-no news yet-it was 1:30PM. By 2 she called and told me to go back home. The earliest he'd be released would be 4...and they may not let him go, no one could tell them what was going on. I waited a bit more, but after another call-and no word I left and drove back home. Now-after 6PM-Mom called-they're still at the hospital. They want to keep him another day, they said no we're going home, they said, if you do your insurance may not pay for the hospital. Damn. His surgeon is in surgery, but supposedly after that he'll come and tap Dad's lungs again and then discharge him. That should be sometime tonight. My question-what happened to him being ready to leave 3 days ago?

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Steph said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that they let him go home soon.