Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday was Callie's birthday-I meant to blog about it, but got swamped with doing other things, including preparing for my dad's birthday. Back to Calumet. I was thinking it was her 4th birthday, but it's really her 5th. I can barely believe my youngest cat is 5 years old! I think she had a good day. Seneca ate all her treats (Callie wasn't interested) but Callie seemed to like her new toy-a purple crochet ball with a bell inside. Aleister stayed upstairs. Although my dad's birthday is actually tomorrow I went to Buffalo to celebrate with him today. I actually started by visiting my cousin who is in the hospital. He's younger than me, a triathlete, and he had blood clots! He was in great spirits and hopefully he'll be good as new soon. Dad and I watched Father of the Bride (the one with Steve Martin) and then we ate-Mom picked up fried chicken which we had with pasta salad (for me) and potato salad (for them). Everything was delicious, especially dessert-cheesecake with chocolate and a raspberry on top. Mmmmm. So Happy 5th birthday Calumet and Happy 71st birthday Dad; may you both have many more!

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