Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last Day of Vacation

Today has been my last day of vacation. How quickly it flew. I had some great times, did great stuff, ordinary stuff, and didn't get enough stuff done. Let's recap. The big highlight came at the start of my vacation-the Cayuga Lake Wine & Herb Fest. A great trip by myself on Friday-doing the East side of the lake-with a west side stop at the Cayuga Lake Creamery. Meeting with my Ohio friends and meeting more Friday evening, a nice stay at Hotel Clarence, and a wine tour of the west side of the lake followed by a ride home. A trip to Naples on Sunday and saying goodbye to Ohio friends. I had great times with my animals-extra time with Harley and hanging out at the barn, loving on my cats and rats...and adding new rats to my family. Reading, watching the rest of the first season of Torchwood, as well as starting season 2, goofing on the computer. Unfortunately, my dad went back to the hospital where they screwed more things up-he got released-but almost 10 hours after we expected it...meaning I was already back home. Sigh. I mowed my lawn...after fixing the mower. I must have done more...but who knows. I'm finishing as I started-drinking some champagne. Until my next vacation...

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