Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ratkins Deux the World

I have a new blog: Ratkins Deux the World: The Travel Adventures of Amelia & Cabot Ratkins. This blog will share pictures from the trips that 2 plush rat siblings take around the world. Amelia Ratkins was a member of The Traveling Rats and has retired from the majority of her traveling. She still comes with me on my little trips-so she will be postings pics from time to time. The real jet setter will be her new brother, Cabot. Cabot will be visiting friends and family worldwide. Cabot is on his way to me from the UK as I type. He already has plans to go to Austin, Texas, Orlando, Florida, and France! I'm excited to start their blog which will allow me the luxury of plenty of armchair travel. There's not much posted to the site now, but I will be sharing some things Amelia has done since her retirement in the days ahead. I hope you join us!

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