Monday, May 24, 2010

New Website

I'm going to be starting a new website/blog. A few years ago I was part of a group called The Traveling Rats. We had plush rats that traveled to hosts around the world, who then showed off their neck of the woods. When the rats stopped traveling Amelia Ratkins retired with me. To this day, I still take her with me and snap pictures wherever we go. I just haven't shared them. All this is about to change. I wasn't sure if a blog could hold all the pictures-but someone showed me her husband's photo blog-so I though I'd give it a shot. I may move to an actual website-but to start I'll work with a blog-since I know how to use this one...for the most part. At any rate, I know people all over the world and thought it would be nice to have more pictures from far off places. Although it may sound odd, I'm attached to Amelia and don't want to risk mailing her off, even to people I know. After all, the first Traveling Rat-Professor Magellan Ratkins disappeared in Australia, never to be seen again. Sigh. So Amelia is staying with me. However, the woman who created her, The Raggy Rat Lady, is making her a brother. Cabot Ratkins will travel the world while Amelia will travel closer to home, or wherever I may roam. Unlike the Traveling Rats, however, I will only send Cabot to people I know. I do know people from all over-and some of these people travel all over as well-so we should get to see some nice places.

I'm trying to come up with a name for this new site-and I have friends all over using their thinking caps as well. Here are some possibilities: Ratkins Deux the World, The Traveling Ratkins, A Tail of Two Ratties (or A Tail of Two Ratkins), Amelia and Cabot - A Rat's Tale, Ratkins Travel, Ratkins Travel Adventures, Ratkins' Travels, The Adventures of Ratkins, Ratty Travels.... Thanks Dad (and Mom), Mike, Jessica, Stephanie, Ray, Vinnie, Barb, Sonja and everyone else who has helped. As soon as I get a name I can get started with a bunch of Amelia photos. I'm excited-but need a name first. What do you think?

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