Sunday, May 23, 2010


I went to Marjim Manor last night for another paranormal investigation with the Buffalo Paranormal Investigators. I had a marvelous time. I sampled some wine with snacks-great dips to start before BPI gave a brief talk. I then had a glass of wine with dinner-a tasty spaghetti with bread and butter. Then it was on for the ghost hunt! Although not really a hunt-an investigation. I met a nice woman originally from Toronto who works in the library of my alma mater. She invited me to join her group, including her grown daughters; a nice group of people. We were led by Joe from BPI. I had a digital thermometer to check temperatures. I didn't get a drop all night...but I did get an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). We started in the basement, with negative results. Then we moved to the chapel. Joe started an EVP session. Then I began to ask questions (no one else in my group did all night-just me and Joe) Anyway, I tried talking to Dr. Ring. I asked him a few questions, then asked him about the rumours regarding his second wife. Joe then stopped the tape and we played it back. When we got to the rumor question we got a response! We're not sure what it says. I think it sounds like "no" (others agree), Joe things "go", one guy thought "true". I may have miffed the spirit, as we didn't get anything after that. I'm curious if anything showed up on video. BPI will also try to clean up the recording-to see if we can better understand it. Nothing else occurred for our group, even on the trail outside. But I had another glass of wine. Gotta love investigating at a winery! I look forward to seeing more results and investigating again!

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