Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seneca Park Zoo

Today I went to the Seneca Park Zoo. I had a great time. The summer visitor this year is a white tiger named Laska. Poor guy didn't look too happy. I went on a Sunday as they were having the zookeepers train the wolves, so I really wanted to see that. Before the training I stopped by my other favorites-the river otters. I rarely get to see them, they just never seem to be out, but I lucked out today. A zookeeper was giving Admiral the Sea Otter (who painted one of my paintings) a training lesson. It was great to watch and I was the only one there. This was an unscheduled one-or at least not announced to the public. The wolf one was advertised. However, I lucked out again and the zookeepers were right in front of me, so I was super close to Luna and Nikko (who also painted one of my paintings). They did techniques for hot dogs. Poor Nikko has an ear infection so they had to give him ear drops as well. He wasn't too happy about it, but with enough petting on his hip, he allowed it. Just like Barrett, Nikko loves getting hip rubs! I also got to see the meerkats. They are new to the zoo and this was the first I'd seen them. They are much smaller than I pictured, but oh so cute! The little ones were roughhousing. They were funny, chasing each other, then one grabbed the others tail and held on! It was great to see all the animals and especially great to see Luna, Nikko, and Admiral up close.

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