Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lucy-Desi Museum

Today I drove to Jamestown, NY the birthplace of Lucille Ball. There is a Lucy-Desi Museum as well as the Desilu Playhouse. Both are great tributes to the genius of both Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The museum had lots of pictures and recollections of people who knew Lucy when. They had costumes, paintings, wardrobe trunk...they even had her Mercedes-the whole car. The Playhouse is dedicated to the I Love Lucy show with recreations of the sets of their apartment in NY and their hotel suite in California. They also had the set for the Vitameatavegemin commercial-and this one was interactive. They had a bottle of Vitameatavegemin and a spoon, you could perform the commercial and people there could watch you on an old fashioned TV. The only bad part was that it was live-so I couldn't see me. But, I watched a couple from Virginia on the small screen as they checked it out and I performed it for them. It was fun! After getting some souvenirs I drove out to see the house where Lucy was born. It's a private residence, but I got a look. Then I drove a few miles into Celeron and turned on Lucy Lane (formerly 8th Street) to see her childhood home. I continued in Celeron to the Lucille Ball Memorial Park on the shore of Chautauqua Lake. What a picturesque place. When Lucy was growing up it was the site of a small amusement park where she once played and worked. On the way out of town I stopped to visit her grave at Lake View Cemetery in Jamestown. Her ashes are buried with other family members, the monument saying, " You've Come Home." Returning home I took Route 20 instead of getting on the thruway in Fredonia and stopped at Woodbury Winery. Then I found 2 other wineries before getting back on the thruway at Silver Creek to return home. Yet more great places to visit in Western NY.

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