Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spinal Injection

I finally had my first spinal injection...not a pleasant experience. At least it was quick...and my doctor was good looking. Still. In a way it was kind of neat. I was lying on my stomach and I could see 2 large computer screens in front of me showing my spine...and then the huge needle going in. Before I got on the table the nurse told me to unbutton and unzip my pants and lift up my shirt. I climbed up and she lifted mt shirt higher and my pants lower. Then the doctor rubbed this cool gel on me-to numb the pain. "You'll feel a little prick." I did, that's not so bad, then it got bad "we're going through muscle now", ugh, then the sharp pain running down my leg that he told me about. Then he was done. I got my clothes in order and they wheeled me to a recovery area and brought me a ginger ale. I could have used a bit more. In a few minutes, after making sure I was OK, they let me go. I felt worse that when I started; I could still feel that needle in my spine. I'm feeling better now..after a few shots of my own-these shots in my mouth, grape vodka, much better than a shot in the back. I have to make calls tomorrow to try and schedule my next injection, which may not have been approved. I'll hopefully see improvement within 3 days.

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Steph said...

Be sure to lay down and don't spend too much time sitting up on the same day as your injection. Those spinal headaches REALLY hurt. Hope you feel improvement soon.