Saturday, June 6, 2009

Belmont Stakes

Today was the Belmont Stakes. Even though there was no possibility for a Triple Crown, there was a chance for a jockey Triple Crown (a jockey would win all 3 triple crown races in the same year, but on different horses). Mine That Bird was a huge favorite, which always makes me nervous, then he seemed a lot more "up" than usual in the post parade. Uh oh, that didn't bode well at all. The long race is always nerve wracking as it is so long. Mine That Bird was last. That's OK, where he wanted to be, plus only 10 horses in this race. But then the horse started getting a tad fractious and Calvin Borel had to make his move. He made it in great style and I was on my feet. It looked as if he could do it, he took the lead from Dunkirk...but there was still a ways to go. Suddenly Summer Bird made his move and Dunkirk fought back. A jockey Triple Crown was not to be, Summer Bird won followed by Dunkirk then Mine That Bird. Still a good showing for both horse and jockey. Mine That Bird came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Triple Crown Races this year while Calvin Borel won the first 2 races and showed the last. An enviable record.

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