Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is my birthday and I've had a wonderful day. I received birthday phone calls, e-cards, real cards and internet wishes as well as some wonderful presents. My folks came up and brought breakfast sandwiches. After we ate those we opened gifts then did a little yard work. Nothing much. Then we had champagne and pate. Yummmm. Much better than cake! They went to their hotel and I relaxed for awhile. They then came back and we went to our favorite restaurant. What a delicious meal. I really wanted an appetizer, so I wasn't able to eat my whole meal-as I refused to miss the bourbon pecan pie. Still, leftovers!! Well, 3 bites of filet mignon and a spoonful of pie. Back home to watch So You Think You Can Dance, and a restful evening. Thanks everyone for all of your good wishes!

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Steph said...

I love So You Think You Can Dance. Glad you had a good birthday.