Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eagle Crest & O-Neh-Da Vineyards

My third birthday outing stop was to Eagle Crest Vineyards. You may remember I wrote about this place before, taking the road less traveled. Well, this time it was open and what a wonderful place. It's actually two wineries in one, known as both Eagle Crest Vineyards and O-Neh-Da Vineyard. O-Neh-Da Vinyard is the second oldest vineyard in New York State. Established in 1872 byBishop Bernard McQuaid, O-Neh-Da Vineyard was established to produce authentic sacramental wine for local churches. In fact, it is the oldest authentic producer of premium sacramental wine in the New World. The name Oh-Neh-Da is the Seneca name for Hemlock Lake, where the winery is located. While O-Neh-Da has been continuously producing sacramental wine since 1872, it is no longer run by priests, although the current owners still practice the stringent requirements for pure sacramental wine. However, three years ago they decided to make wines for the public as well. They chose a second name-Eagle Crest Vineyards in honor of the bald eagles who live in the hills above Hemlock Lake. Sadly, we couldn't try any of the sacramental wine-but there were plenty of secular wines to choose from. I highly recommend a trip to this winery hidden in the hills above Hemlock Lake. The winery is great! We had a very friendly knowledgeable host who poured lots of great wine.

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