Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

Today was the last day my friends from Ohio were in town. We went to Arbor Hill Grapery, a great winery with lots of super wine and food made at their site. Then we went down into Naples. We wanted to go to Widmer Winery, but they were closed. We went to my favorite market there, Wayside Market, and I stocked up on lots of great deals in veggies and baked goods. My friends asked about Widmer and discovered that they had been bought out. The town is still in an uproar as it's possible the winery (which is huge) will close and the vineyard destroyed. That's outrageous. It's a huge vineyard and grapes take 5 years to harvest-why waste such good grapes. It's a crime. My friends and I parted ways there-we had taken separate cars since they would go back to Ohio from there. On the way back home I decided to take the road less traveled, following a sign to an Alpaca farm. It was a beautiful ride in the country on a gorgeous day. I found Golden Oak Farms Alpacas and had a great time talking with the owner and meeting some of the alpacas. There was a sweet boy named Meridian and a 10 day old baby called Hellfire. He was sooooo cute. He never strayed far from his momma, Colida. Colida and Hellfire were in a pasture with another female called Jolie. Alpacas are such sweet animals...I wish I could add some to my family. Oh well. I continued on uncharted roads to return home. However, I got sidetracked by a sign for a winery and followed the road less traveled. Really less traveled, at times it was even unpaved! I finally found the winery...which , of course, was closed. They don't open on weekends until May 1st. Sigh. I also found a neat building that my mom is now researching for me. I have no idea what it is...but it is neat. I had a great day and I'd like to remind everyone to take the road less traveled when you get a chance. You'll never know what unexpected pleasures may come your way.

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