Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Visit With Santa Claus

Just because I don't have any human children doesn't mean that I don't have to visit Santa. Today I took Barrett for his annual visit with Santa Claus. He was a very good boy. Our visit was almost ruined while we were waiting to pay. A dachshund and a Pomeranian were in a cart ahead of us in line. Barrett was minding his own business when the dachshund started barking at him. Then the idiot woman got the Pomeranian down and let her go to Barrett, where she (the Pomeranian) snapped at Barrett. Not bark, not growl, the little monster tried to bite his face! The bitch human didn't even apologize, just made remarks about her dogs believing they could get mine. Now if Barrett would have retaliated (which he didn't) everyone would have denounced him for attacking a cute little dog, when the little bullies started it. At least the cashier was on my side. A part of me wished I would have said something to the idiot human. Who in their right mind lets their dog go to a strange dog when her companion is already showing aggression? Some people don't deserve to have dogs. I hope she gets bit...or sued. Barrett is fine and afterward we stopped at a gourmet dog treat place and then he had a meatball when we got home.


Steph said...

I get so annoyed at people who don't know how to handle or treat their dogs. I am with you, I hope she gets bit.

Bill Denbro said...

Agreed. I don't blame the dog, I blame the owner. The dog is just doing what's in its nature.