Thursday, December 11, 2008

Furlough Party

This evening I went with the furlough group to a holiday party. This party is organized by a nun named Sister Dismas. She's been organizing this event for 51 years! Sadly, she currently has a bad cold, so while she was there earlier in the day to help set up, she left before the party began. The event started in an auditorium. The Show Choir from Our Lady of Mercy High School performed. Those girls were excellent. I was very impressed and I am a very harsh critic when it comes to singing! The girls did a number, then they led everyone in a Christmas carol, then they did a piece, then everyone, and so forth. What was really nice was that everybody sang! Too many times nobody wants to participate...unless you're in the theatre or mentally ill. Hmmm, major correlation there? It was a nice short program, followed by a brief Christmas story. Then we went to the gym, which our furlough guys had decorated that afternoon. We sat at a nicely decorated table. All the seats had cups filled with candy and the Mercy girls served ice cream, cookies, and punch. Then all the consumers got presents. It was a very nice event and the guys had a really great did I.

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