Monday, December 22, 2008


I had to shovel the driveway again yesterday. Fortunately, there wasn't THAT much additional snow, but I was still out there for over a half hour. As I was leaving work I heard it was COLD and the roads were so-so. Sure enough, it was cold and snowing and...the worst bit...blowing! My co-worker nearly fell on the ice on the way to our cars-but we made it to the parking lot. There wasn't much snow on my car-but whenever I brushed it off, the wind changed direction and blew it right into my face. With a freezing neck (where my scarf didn't cover) I began the drive home. The roads weren't too bad, 4 wheel drive in a few places-but the worst bit was the periodic blowing snow. Already I was dreading what I'd find when I got home. The drifting snow is horrible with the field across from me and I remember getting stuck last year. I turned onto the side street my driveway is on and saw a huge drift in front of my mailbox (opposite side of the street) but my driveway looked OK. I pulled in without a hitch then stopped. A HUGE drift in the middle of the driveway. I daren't risk it. I got opened the garage and climbed the drift-which was up to me knee-and got the shovel. I went at it for a bit, then figured-good enough. I put the shovel back, got into the car, put it in 4 wheel and gunned it! Perfect. No problem. I gathered my stuff and tried to close the garage door. As usual in bad weather, it didn't want to close. OK. I figured I'd put my stuff inside and try again while Barrett was outside. I opened the gate, then stopped, a huge drift lay between me and the door. A drift that was up to my waist. So, I put my stuff down in the garage, got the shovel again and began making a path to my door. Got there and let Barrett out. Made more of a path back to the garage, got my stuff and tried the door again. This time it closed. I noticed that I could no longer feel my hands. (It was 10 degrees.) Barrett and I returned indoors and I poured myself a BIG glass of Southern Comfort, which I'm sipping as I remind myself that I love being back North and I want a white Christmas!

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