Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calumet's Early Christmas Present

You've heard of children trying to find their Christmas presents early...well non-human children are just the same. Callie found her Christmas present today and she brought it out to play. I keep the Christmas presents in the attic. Hers, a hand knit catnip mouse, was in a bag on a box up there. I was up in the attic gathering more Christmas stuff and Callie bounded up, as she usually does. After a while I saw she was downstairs, the other cats were accounted for, so I closed the attic door. I did some other things, then I saw it...on the dining room floor, Callie's mouse. She must have been looking in bags, found it, got it out of the bag, brought it down from the attic, around the hall and downstairs to the dining room. I picked it up and put it on the bookcase, but a little later, I found it on the floor again. For all the hard work she did to get it, I'll let her keep it and won't make her wait until Christmas to have it. Kids!

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