Friday, December 5, 2008

Photo Friday - Fudge

Every year I try to do some holiday baking. I never seem to get around to making cookies (thank Heaven's I have Mom and my friend, Kim, for that) but I do make fudge and my vanilla bourbon loaves. I needed to make the fudge yesterday as I wanted to send some to England. (Yes, Trish, tell Andrew I did it in time this year and he'll have some for Christmas) OK-recipe. That's where I had a problem. The recipe was in my computer's hard old computer. However, I put all my documents on a CD. No problem. Problem. My new computer's CD drive is not working. OK. Check my binder to see if I had printed out the recipe. No. OK. I knew it came from the Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk label. It wasn't on any new labels (believe me I looked through all the cans at Wegmans) so I checked the website. I found a few fudge recipes-but none looked right. OK. Try to fix the CD drive. I went through all the steps. Still doesn't work. OK. Unhook new computer and hook up old computer. Easy. Turn on and wait. And wait. Realize why I needed new computer. Try to pull up documents. Word not responding. A million pop ups in slow motion about unresponsive program. Finally access one document. Try to print. Old computer doesn't recognize new printer. OK. Try to format new printer. Does not recognize new installation software. OK. Get Internet to open and find e-mail. Send documents to myself. Unhook old computer, hookup new computer. Open e-mail. Click on document which starts to open in Office Word. Word automatically shuts down. Everytime I try. OK. Call Mom. She gives me the recipe and I make the fudge. Sigh. No wonder I never get anything done!


Steph said...

Sounded like a lot of work, but the fudge looks yummy. I have never really been good at fudge, so I stick to cookies and brownies.

Pidge said...

Ahem . . . Vanilla Bourbon Loaves? *eyebrow raised* You didn't happen to join in the Secret Santa and get me this year, did you? ;)

Katreader said...

Sorry Pidge. I am in the Secret Santa mix, but didn't get you. However, I may be persuaded to send you some...whenever I get around to making the bourbon loaves.