Saturday, December 13, 2008

Festival of Lights

This season is called the festival of lights. Indeed many cities have a "Festival of Lights", an area that has been completely decorated with lights and people can walk and/or drive through. When I lived in Austin, Texas it became an annual event to walk with friends through the enchanted Zilker Park and eat at one of the quaint restaurants. Good times. I'm not sure if there's one near me. Next weekend I'll take Barrett and we'll drive around looking at Christmas lights. As for me-I illuminate my place. Outside I don't have much-colored mini lights on the shrubs surrounding the front and side of the house. I also have an illuminated present on the front porch, I put colored lights in the holder at my back door and I have 3 huge plastic light bulbs that are illuminated. But when I'm home, more lights are on. I have green lights in the porch lights out front. I have a bubble light nightlight in the bathroom, an illuminated Snowman in my bedroom, the rats' Christmas tree in their room, the Christmas tree in the living room, mini lights across the mantle, the standing lantern, a Christmas Victorian lantern, and my Grandpa's Santa. All lit up. Yup, I like Christmas lights!


Anonymous said...

well, where are the pictures?

Katreader said...

The nighttime pictures I take of Christmas lights never turn out well. The flash just makes everything too bright.

Steph said...

I love Christmas lights. I love driving around and looking at all of the decorations at night.