Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wine Fridge

I need a bigger wine fridge. I met up with my Ohio friends in Pennsylvania for our yearly Christmas present swap (and we wait until Christmas to open them), lunch, and winery tastings, or should I say sippings. All wineries combined I bought over a case of wine! I generally can only get these wines once a year-so I have to make them last! I believe Mazza makes the best Concord, I love Penn Shore's Kir, then we stopped at 2 wineries where we usually don't stop-Arrowhead and Heritage Cellars and I picked up a bunch at each. Then on my way home I stopped at Sparkling Ponds for their Woman Pleaser. I also hit The Sugar Shack and a dog bakery. Lots of good stuff.


Steph said...

I wish I could find a wine that I really liked. I have tried several, but they all seems so harsh.

Katreader said...

You need to come to New York and go wine tasting with me. We'll find tons you'll love!