Monday, October 13, 2008

Indian Summer

It seems as if Indian Summer is here. I turned off the furnace a few days ago and the house is quite comfortable. No waking up to temperatures in the 50's. Actually, I don't think it's even getting that cold outside. We were in the upper 70's yesterday and may be close to 80 today. This weather is absolutely glorious as the humidity has been low and the skies clear. I just hope it doesn't get too hot!


Steph said...

I am so jealous. It was very muggy here today and everyone is still wearing shorts. I can't wait until we get some cooler weather.

Katreader said...

People here are still wearing shorts...and will be until the snow falls, just about anyway. Our cooler weather is coming-it hit 80 on Monday-by Thursday the high is supposed to be 56!