Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tired Out

Barrett is all tired out. He's napping on his bed right now. He got up early and was so excited to see his grandparents this morning. He got treats, good stuff, AKA people food, too. Grandma brought the animals chicken and in addition Barrett got some of the kabanosi they brought for me, but he still tried to get some of our breakfast sandwiches. Of course Grandma gave him some of hers. Then he was crying and pawing at both of my folks. Mom and I went to the farmer's market and Dad gave him a steak bone. When we returned he was begging for more. Then he wanted to play. Mom and I were hanging curtains and he was bringing his tennis ball and running around the house with it. Then he opened the cabinet and dumped out the garbage...twice. He was full of piss and vinegar. But he's all tuckered out now. My little devil now looks like a little angel.

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