Thursday, October 2, 2008

Job Security

I heard some things that got me a little anxious today. People at work are actually concerned about layoffs. They say not to be too concerned as our job title comes from the jail system and we'd just go to the prisons. But what if I finally get offered another job. And take it. Last one in first one out. Could I actually lose my job? It never seemed possible before. The I got home and got an e-mail from the EAP coordinator at work. Her last day is the 15th. She was part time and now she'll be gone. They stated it was due to budget cuts and her title. It's said the US may be entering another Great Depression. Is it true? Will I be able to maintain my current standard of living? I'm not exorbitant, but I spend a bit. Lots of little things. I'm going to try to just go on and not get too concerned over the issue, but, it has given me pause.

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Steph said...

The position you are in is no fun. Try not to stress over it too much. While we were going through our reorganization a coworker told me that when one door closes a window becomes open. I tried, although it was hard, to keep positive so I could be sure to see the window when it opened. Hang in there. I know you will land on your feet no matter what happens.