Friday, October 17, 2008

Photo Phriday - Library

Friday is library day. I like to go on the same day, and a day off, so I'll know when books are due and be able to return them. There are 3 libraries nearby that I frequent, but my favorite is across town. They have a great mystery section. I ran out of time today and just went to a close by branch. I was able to find several good books, some new series, as well as some from mystery series with which I need to catch up. I'm just grateful that we have a good library system here-I can't afford to buy all the books I read!


Steph said...

This libary looks nice. The one near my house has some really strange figurs of children playing that give me the creeps when I see them. Maybe I will go by there and use that as a photo phriday picture next week.

Katreader said...

OOOh freaky children. That'd be a neat Photo Phriday shot, actually. This library is OK. It's connected to that town hall (the 3 near me are all like that-kind of odd really. It's a small 1950's design. Or looks that way to me.