Saturday, October 4, 2008


Is greed the downfall of America? Greedy CEOs screw up Wall Street, yet walk away with million dollar pensions while we in the middle class will have to pay more taxes as we struggle with rising costs. In Buffalo, NY the Buffalo Bills are having a great season (knock on wood) and now Channel 4 wants to charge Time Warner Cable for the games-which are free. The cable company said no, as then they'd have to make the consumers pay more. The TV said OK-no games for your people. As of today, none of the Buffalo fans who have cable can watch the Bills football games. In Rochester, NY buses have lowered their rates so more people will ride. In Buffalo, NY more people are riding buses-so now the buses want to raise their rates. Now I'm all for people getting their fair share-but this is ridiculous. Greed may bring us all to an unpleasant end.

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