Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Nice Sandwich

Work has been so busy that lately I've been bringing a sandwich in for lunch, as a microwave meal would take to long to fix and eat. Monday I got some nice luncheon meat and yesterday I made a nice sandwich to take to work. It had turkey and salami and provolone cheese. I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge. I had a doctor's appointment before work, and I wouldn't come home in between and I also needed to drop some things off at the post office. I took my nice sandwich out and put it in a bag with flavored water, a granola bar, and some Starbursts and put it on some things on a chair in the kitchen-so it was at table level. A little later I grabbed all the stuff and left for the post office, a little later than I planned. I dropped off the cards and headed to my appointment. I looked over and didn't see my lunch. I must have left it at home. So I stopped home, now I was really later than I wanted to be. I looked-the bag wasn't on the chair. Did I have it in the car all along and just not seen it? I looked on the table-not there. Then I glanced in the dining room. And saw the bag. On the floor. Chewed apart. Sandwich gone. Barrett had eaten my nice sandwich and it was too late to make another one. The peanut butter jar was out so I quickly grabbed 2 sliced of bread and slapped some peanut butter on. Then I really had to make time to get to the doctor. Drat that dog. At least he got to enjoy my nice sandwich.

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