Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've always had a fascination with gardening. Shrubs, flowers, herbs, houseplants, I love them all. Even before I owned a home, I collected all kinds of gardening books. Now that I have a home I plan on being in, well, forever, I've been working on the garden. However, I haven't been consulting my books and I really don't have a plan. I also don't work in it near enough. I think that's the story of my life-grand ideas and research-but not taking the time to make it all work. Still, the yard's looking good (aside from all the tall weeds in the lawn-remember the riding mower is in the shop)! I like my plants and flowers and herbs and vegetables. Heck, I like watching things grow! How about you?


Team Scby-Do said...

I love to watch things grow; however, my brown thumb prevents me from being the one doing the growing. Thankfully, Ray has a green thumb.

PJ E said...

I like to watch things grow too. And harvest is a big time for me, but the inbetween - weeding, watering, pruning, whatever, well . . . not so much. I think I need to win the lotto so I can afford a gardener LOL
Enjoy your yard! Mine is all lawn with a couple of hedges and a whole two trees.