Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dr. Who

Another night of weird dreams. I'm fairly certain I can lay the blame on Dr. Who as I was dreaming of being on a space ship dealing with aliens. I've just started to watch Dr. Who. I remember him as a short guy with curly hair and a long knit scarf. Today however, there is quite a different Dr. Who, in appearance anyway, I never saw an episode featuring the other actor. Actually, there may be a few Dr. Whos-but I'm watching David Tennant. (OK, I just discovered that David Tennant is the 10th Dr. Who while the guy I immediately think of as Dr. Who was actually the 4th.) Dr. Who comes on after my BBC comedies on PBS Saturday nights. Usually I go to bed after Fresh Fields, but a few weeks ago I was getting ready to shut off the TV when I saw Beth from Moonlight. I stayed to see if it really was her (it was, she was a guest star). The story was really good-and I've been watching it ever since. I don't know the story behind Dr. Who, I guess he has different companions. Right now he has Rose. I'm not that fond of her. I liked one episode I saw with a different woman, Donna, anyway, I really liked her-but she died at the end of the episode. All the rest I've seen have been with Rose. At any rate, I'm enjoying the series, even if I am having weird dreams because of it!

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