Friday, January 4, 2008


I've been tagged. I was reading my friend Vinnie's blog at and he was writing that he'd been tagged by a friend to write 10 random, unknown, weird, personal, things, habits, goals, etc. in a blog. Vinnie, in turn, tagged his 5 favorite bloggers and ....I'm one of them! Thanks Vinnie-I really do feel honored to be listed as a favorite blogger.

I actually got tagged on December 12 and..I'm still not finished. The task is much more difficult than you'd think, especially since I do tend to talk a lot about myself! Also, some things are just too personal to post. Then, once I got going I was writing about a paragraph for each of the 10 items. Talk about a long post! So...what I think I'm going to do is to make a list of the 10 with only a key word, then everyday I'll elaborate on one or two of the items. Hopefully, that'll spark your interest and you'll come back to read more. With that last thought in mind-you'll have to wait. I'll post the list tomorrow...hopefully!

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