Thursday, January 31, 2008


Gus crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday. He was one of the elderly gents I adopted in June. I intended to make his last months happy and I think I succeeded. He was over 2 when I got him, so he was probably 3 years old, or older. The poor guy had spinal degeneration and then developed these huge tumors. He was so upset just visiting the vet-we decided it would be too much to operarate. Gus seemed totally happy, oblivious to the huge tumors and got along just fine (even with the degeneration problems). He was still eating-grabbing goodies out of my hand and seemed in good spirits. I guess he just decided the time was right for him to leave. I'll miss him, he was a gentle soul. His brother Leon is upset, hopefully he'll adjust quickly, without distressing himself too much.

Rest In Peace
Died January 30, 2008

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PJ E said...

So sorry Kathy. He'll have fun while he waits for you to come get him again. (HUGS)