Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am sick! I'm not sure what's wrong with me. Lots of people at work have been sick with godawful things. One had a fever that lasted a full week and one wound up with pneumonia. Others have been ill to varying degrees. The past few days I haven't slept well, but felt OK. A runny nose started a few days ago-but I felt relatively OK. Monday morning I got up for my lesson and didn't feel good at all. I went, but didn't feel at all well. Harley was clean and I still got tired tacking him up! I went to work and as the day progressed I felt worse. I took my temperature-yup-I had a fever, albeit a mild one, 99.3. By that time I started feeling slightly nauseous with periods of dizziness, with periodic chills and hot flashes. I also can't take deep breaths. Couldn't during my lesson either. One coworker almost called someone to walk with me upstairs as she thought I couldn't make it! People said I looked flushed and sick. Some tried to get me to go home, saying they'd get others to come in early for the next shift. But I stuck it out. But I'm calling in-probably for 3 days! Hopefully, I can catch this thing before it gets its hooks totally in me. So, I'm going to finish my tea and hop in to bed (although it's technically Tuesday-it's still Monday night for me!).

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