Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fanpop Spots

Hey, I haven't mentioned Fanpop in 6 days!! OK, here we go again. I am now a member of 49 spots. Two more and I can't have them all show up on my profile page. Actually there are a few spots I like, but haven't joined yet and then I keep finding more spots that I just join spontaneously. So of what spots am I a fan? There are places-Buffalo, NY (which I created), Toronto and Poland. There are fictional characters-Severus Snape, Mr. Bean, Eeyore. Animals-rats, cats, dogs, horses, wolves, stuffed animals, animal humor. Music and Musicians-Syd Barrett (which I created), Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Aerosmith, Gilbert & Sullivan, Opera. Authors and Books-Laurell K. Hamilton, John Steinbeck, Douglas Adams, Books to Read, Dark-Hunters, Harry Potter. TV Shows-Gilligan's Island, Ugly Betty, Monk, Moonlight, Blood Ties, Are You Being Served, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager. Movies-Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Ratatouille, A Christmas Story. Actors-Alan Rickman, Jean Reno. Food and Drink-wine, cheese, herbs, cooking. And other stuff-Gardening, Personality Tests, Purple, Monty Python, Neopets, Poker, and Paranormal.

As you can see there's something for everyone on fanpop-and if what you like isn't there-create a spot for it!


Bun-Girl said...

Oh! There's a Neopets one? I never thought to look! Must go join now... : D

Katreader said...

Yup, not much is on there. At some point I may add picks about plots. I like to have pictures though and will have to gather them first!