Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Syd Barrett Spot

I've been enjoying spending lots of time on Fanpop and I've been adding lots of stuff to some spots I've joined. However, some of my favorite people/things don't have spots; Buffalo, NY for one, Syd Barrett, rubber stamping, funerary art, Utopian Societies of the mid 1800's and such. Creators of Fanpop want people to create spots-so I did. Since I'm not sure how many other fans of Utopian Societies and funerary art there are out there, I decided to choose a very popular person with lots of information of the web. I created The Syd Barrett Spot. So far I'm the only fan, but it hasn't been up for 24 hours yet and some of the images have been looked at. I'm hoping members of The Pink Floyd Spot will find it soon. I have to give thanks again to Bun-Girl for helping me clean up the banner.

As for my health, I'm still sick, but I really don't know what's wrong. My main issues now are that I can't take deep breaths, and I can't get warm. Plus I have a runny nose when it's not stuffed up and my cough (which I've had almost forever-and no I don't smoke, never have, never will) is worse. I'm a little light headed at times, but not as nauseous. Who knows? I'm still going to stay home-no sense going to work and then getting worse.

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Bun-Girl said...

Hey, no problem. I'm happy to help! Hope you're feeling better soon though. Being sick is no fun!