Monday, October 18, 2010

Where's George?

I don't carry much cash on hand, preferring to pay for just about everything with a credit card. Still, I got some cash from the ATM this weekend as I planned on dining out with friends, going to the Farmer's market, and paying tolls on the thruway-things for which it's better to have cash. SO, this weekend I was giving and receiving paper money. On my way home from Buffalo yesterday I grabbed a single to pay my thruway toll. As I was waiting I stopped and looked at it-it had writing on it. It was labeled as part of a currency tracking project. So I gave another single to the toll keeper and kept this one. Today I went to the site and entered my bill. It turns out this bill started in Amherst, NY and although it went into circulation for the project 191 days ago, I'm the first person to check in with it. I think the whole concept is pretty neat. I'm going to put the bill back in my wallet and pay for something with it. Hopefully, someone else will log it into the system!

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Sonja said...

I need to revisit that site. I also received a bill with the Wheres George a few years ago and mine traveled from another state. It's a neat idea.